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Arctic Crosshairs is a fantasy, yet somewhat realistic as far as appearances go, wolf RPG site. In the harsher northern reaches of Canada, wolves will form together and do anything to survive the battle of hunger. When spring and summer comes, will there
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 Arietta Vaguela

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PostSubject: Arietta Vaguela   Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:41 am

-Wolf Name-

-Wolf Breed-

-Fur Color-

Shy- She is rarely seen talking to others, mostly because she thinks it's inconvenient and also that She is very nervous around other wolves.

Just- She always remains fair, picking the side of who's right, even if the one that she's against is a friend.

Black Swan- She protects herself, as well as going mindlessly crazy until someone knocks her out, if not, she'll never stop.

Intelligent- She is smart and can get out of situations she doesn't want to be in easily by using street smarts. Her street smarts and IQ are both high but still in the average range though.

When Arietta was 1, she had first gone to black swan mode when her mother was killed by the leaders, Arietta killed them all mindlessly, even the ones she was seeking to protect, all except NightFall and DarkSecret died. Arietta was 2 years old when she fell in love with a male. They became mates but the male died soon after. Ever since then, she has become unstable in how she reacts to other wolves, breaking her may cause you to get serious damages, or even death.

-Have you read the rules?-
Yes, you should add in a codeword for this part.

-How did you find us?-
Your link on TFC in your profile

-Small, medium or large wolves?-

-Where was your wolf born?
Secret Falls

3 years

-Anything else you want us to know?-

-RP Sample-
Arietta padded through the forest. She looked up at the sky and remembered her parents words ringing in her head before they died. She sighed and looked around to see a rabbit hopping around. She stalked it quietly. When she was close enough, she caught hold of its neck and killed it instantly. Arietta carefully lay it on the ground. She dipped her maw into the rabbit and torn a piece from it's hind left leg. With a loud snap she had snapped the leg bone in two before chewing and swallowing. Day by day she wonders just how many other wolves were out there, be it enemies or allies. Her paws striking against the very dusty terra. Her once white pelt dinged in a dirty grey-ish brown. She felt sad for some reason, she had flash backs of the city she had seen over the hill. How everything seemed to have vanished, prey was scarce this time of year anyways. With a huff she sat upon her haunches, her blue eyes settling upon the sunset. She quietly went into her den, curled up and fell asleep...
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Arietta Vaguela
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