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Arctic Crosshairs is a fantasy, yet somewhat realistic as far as appearances go, wolf RPG site. In the harsher northern reaches of Canada, wolves will form together and do anything to survive the battle of hunger. When spring and summer comes, will there
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 Karpos Sydlia

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PostSubject: Karpos Sydlia   Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:57 pm

-Wolf Name: Karpos Sydlia

-Wolf Breed: Arctic Wolf

-Gender: Male

-Fur Color: White and creme colored

Eye Color: Icy Blue

-Personality: Karpos is very much a bi-polar wolf; he commonly shows his fierce and aggressive side because it is the most dominant one in his body. He has rather of a thirst for power, though he does occasionally calm it. His main other side, that likes to hide out of fear, is a kind and friendly side. This side is not so quick to show. However, gain his trust and you have the possibility to gain that side of him more often. He demands respect from those around him and often gets into fights because of it. He is hard to tame and is more of a dominant figure then a submissive one.

-History: Karpos was born to a line of wolves in a far off and distant land. His father and mother had run from their pack after breaking a sacred law and having pups when they were not pack leaders. When he was being raised, he often asked about his grandfather. His father Shade told him that his mother’s father was eaten by a bear. He was told that his father’s father was a ruthless and cruel man. Despite his parent’s best efforts, once he heard of it, he wanted to be just like Night, who was his grandfather. He tried to kill his sister Adsila and failed. He was exiled and he dropped the last name Slayer.

He ventured for many days and weeks, he was lucky it was summer for the prey was still out and about. Years went past and he grew into a bi-polar mess. He truly became Karpos Sydlia and a ruthless wolf just like his grandfather. He now pounces and walks around the tundra’s, looking for his next prey.

-Have you read the rules? I made them

-How did you find us? I created the site

-Small, medium or large wolves? Large

-Where was your wolf born: Death Pine Forest

-Age: 3 years and 5 months

-Height: 85cm tall-

-Weight: 105lbs

-RP Sample:
Karpos' eyes shine like a fire had just burned in them, he was truly what he was meant to be, and his paws thudded upon the icy ground. The middle of winter was harsh on him, yet he managed. He was a decent hunter, though he was more of a fighter. He fought other wolves for the fresh prey they caught. He almost always won. His white and fur had scars over the most of it. He kept his ears pricked up, listening for his next victim. Or would this victim meet his nice site? He chuckled a dark and evil laugh to himself. ”Never again.”

Snowy, light winds, Cloudy
Around 20°F

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(c) to becuffin on Ruins of Wildwood for the pictures!
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Karpos Sydlia
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